Readers ask: What Episode Does Kaylie Get Out Of Rehab And Back To Gymnastics?

Who does Kaylie end up with in Make It or Break It?

“They were sisters, they were a family. Even when they hated each other, they loved each other.” And though Kaylie didn’t end up with Carter, actress Loren got her happily ever after — she got engaged two weeks ago! Keep your fingers crossed for a full cast reunion at her wedding.

Did Ayla Kell do gymnastics?

Ayla Kell (Payson Keeler) In addition to being a classically-trained ballerina and singer, Kell is also an avid artist and photographer who recently launched a website that offers fans “’behind the scenes’ access into what makes [her] so fervently creative.”

Is Josie Loren a gymnast?

Although Josie has real-life gymnastics experience, she explains why she is only allowed to do the before and after shots on the show. She also gives us the scoop on her Cuban heritage and what went down when she minored in Spanish in college.

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Do Kaylie’s parents get divorced?

Kaylie is stressed out that both of her parents are coming, since their divorce has brought out the worst in them–often with Kaylie in the middle. They say goodnight and Kaylie tells Kelly that since she’s never said “I love you” to anyone that it kind of freaks her out, especially with her parent’s divorce going on.

What is wrong with Lauren Tanner?

Dr. Lim explains that Lauren’s condition is very serious and quite rare, requiring open-heart surgery. Lauren asks if there is any way she will be able to get back to training, and Coach Mac says that she will not be able to keep training for the 2012 Olympics. Dr.

Do Kaylie and Austin stay together?

Season 3. In the beginning of season 3, Austin and Kaylie are still dating. Austin promises Mr. Cruz that he will take care of his girl while she is in training camp with him.

Do Payson and Max get together?

In the season 2 finale Max tells Payson he loves her and then is about to tell her he’s bi. Payson interrupts him first and tells him whatever he will say doesn’t matter. In the season 3 premiere Max and Payson are still dating.

Did Make It or Break It get Cancelled?

It was announced via Twitter from Executive Producer Holly Sorensen that the series is cancelled. The series finale aired on May 14, 2012. A total of 48 episodes of Make It or Break It have been produced and aired over three seasons, between June 22, 2009 and May 14, 2012.

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Why did Emily leave Make It or Break It?

(In an especially ironic twist, Chelsea Hobbs, who played Emily and who was 24 at the time the show premiered, got pregnant during filming —a particular challenge for a show that emphasizes its cast’s bodies, and that caused her, as a result, to leave Make It or Break It after the second season.)

Did Josie Loren have anorexia?

One area of the show that received significant attention last season was Kaylie’s struggle with anorexia. Grateful to have never dealt with an eating disorder herself, Loren still relates to the root of Kaylie’s struggle. “She became a huge perfectionist, wanting to be the best,” she said.

Who is the best gymnast in Make It or Break It?

Payson Keeler (Ayla Kell) is the top female gymnast at The Rock and is noted as one of the top-ranked female gymnasts in the nation.

What is Josie Loren doing now?

In 2015, Josie guest-starred on an episode of Freeform’s Young & Hungry, which was her last acting project. She switched careers and graduated with her J.D. from Loyola Law School a few years later. Now, Josie works as a sports law attorney at Munck Wilson Mandala.

What does Payson’s dad tell her?

When Payson and her father finally get a chance to be alone, her father tells her that the family wants to move back to Minnesota. Before Payson can really get her say in, her dad reveals that he already has a job there and that someone is interested in buying their house.

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Does Maeve die in make it or break it?

Only after she starts having some physical appeal does Max take notice of her. Payson doesn’t care but Lauren is furious. Kaylie picks up the phone to call Maeve after a fight with her parents and a woman on the other end informs her that Maeve died of heart failure in the airport.

What happened to Nicky in make it or break it?

Nicky eventually goes away to Denver quoting that there was too much drama at the rock. In the episode, “The New Normal,” Nicky is mentioned during a scuffle between Lauren Tanner and Denver rival Kelly Parker. We learn from Lauren that Nicky has also gone away from Denver Elite.

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