Question: Men’s Gymnastics Floor Exercise Hip Circles How To?

How do you flip a bar backwards?


  1. Grab the bar with your fingers facing away from you.
  2. Take a step back from the bar.
  3. Step forward with your weak foot.
  4. Kick your strong leg up and under the bar.
  5. Bring your legs together as you flip over the bar.
  6. Straighten your arms when your body is finished flipping.

What level is a back hip circle?

It is a basic skill, and is usually one of the first learned by beginning gymnasts, but also appears as a component of more advanced moves. The back hip circle is first used in level 2 women gymnastics.

What size hip circle should I get?

Our Hip Circles® are the same resistance at each size, however the band gets about an inch longer as you go up in size. We recommend going with the size up. If you feel like you need a little more resistance consider a Hip Circle® with more resistance or size down.

What is a back hip pullover?

MOUNT: BACK HIP PULLOVER ● Grasp bar with hands “shoulder width” apart and pull chin to bar with elbows. pressed firmly into torso while hips round and legs are lifted over bar. ● Shift hands and straighten arms arriving in a fully extended front support at. completion of skill.

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